artists visas via tamizdat

In 1998, a group of musicians founded Tamizdat as a tax-exempt non-profit with the mission of facilitating international cultural exchange. Tamizdat has been involved with a wide range of activities: booking festival showcases in the U.S. and Europe, organizing tours, sponsoring events, and for years ran a CD distribution coalition. Early on, it became clear that U.S. visa policy is one of the most significant obstacles to international cultural exchange, so Tamizdat set out to change that by establishing a sympathetic and affordable artist-oriented Visa Service designed to help performing artists to navigate the U.S. visa system. In 2009, in order to serve the needs of our commercial clients, we created Tamizdat Artists Services LLC, a for-profit company. Today, the two Tamizdats facilitate visas for nearly 6,000 performing artists each year.

In 2014, with artists facing increasing complex legal challenges, Tamizdat teamed up with CoveyLaw, to ensure that every client receives Tamizdat’s renowned efficiency and musician-friendly customer service, while also benefiting from the depth of expertise and representation that only a law firm can provide.

In cooperation with CoveyLaw, Tamizdat can provide a unique service for independent performing artists who need a U.S. work visa, but either lack a U.S. petitioner or “sponsor,” or who do not wish for their visa to be tied to a specific U.S. employer (like their label or agent).