getting started

The first step is to contact us by email or by phone. If you have contacted CoveyLaw, and one of us has assigned you an “artist code”, then you’re ready to get started here on our website. But first…

A word to the wise: 
The process of obtaining legal working visas for the USA requires very specific and accurate information. Please send us the documents that we request to the best of your ability. Most importantly, please give complete and accurate answers to all questions in the questionnaire. It is your responsibility to provide precise information. Failure to do so will very likely endanger the possibility that the petitions will be approved. Do not enter any false information! If there is a problem, tell us about it! It’s better to talk about the problem now with us rather than with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) later! Also, please understand that to obtain the actual visa, each visa holder must complete an interview at a US consulate before he or she receives their visa. If you are going to be out of your home country in the two weeks before you enter into the US, tell us about this now. It is important for us to know this so we can make sure you have your visas before you leave your home country.

Regarding your Passport: 
US Government regulation requires that your passport be valid for a minimum of six months following the expiration of your requested visa. This means that if you’re applying for a one year visa to start in January, your passport needs to be valid through the July of the following year. There are exceptions to this rule, so if it poses a problem, please discuss this with us.

What We Do:
In good faith, CoveyLaw will make all reasonable efforts to obtain the requested visas. We cannot, however, be held liable in any way for losses or damages resulting from the USCIS’s denial of a petition, delay in processing a petition, or of an embassy to process a visa in time for the artist’s departure. By retaining CoveyLaw’s services, the client accepts these liability limitations. CoveyLaw must charge part or all of the full fee, even if a petition is not approved, or not approved in a timely fashion. It will be up to CoveyLaw’s discretion what fee will be applied. Clients will be asked to sign a retainer agreement. This is important because it helps you understand exactly what we can do for you. Lastly, clients must understand that many visas secured by CoveyLaw are for temporary employment in the US by performing artists or by performing artists’ essential support crew. Visas are valid only for a specific time period and permit only certain kinds of employment. Visas are not valid for any kind of employment other than those specified in the petition, and are expressly limited to those related to artistic performance. By engaging CoveyLaw’s services you agree, in good faith, to comply with all US laws and regulations applicable to the use of the secured visa.

“I understand and accept the terms above, and engage CoveyLaw’s services accordingly.”