julianne wagner

IMG_3695-Julianne Wagner, Senior Case Manager

Julianne Wagner is a 2014 graduate of New York University‚Äôs Gallatin School of Individualized Study, whose coursework centered around popular music history, philosophies of listening, mass media as tied to the classics, and far more painfully hybridized critical theory. Throughout her collegiate career, she worked as station manager and hosted a weekly new-music program at WNYU. She has worked in various roles throughout the music and arts media industries — as a contributor to arts/music publications including The Deli Magazine and Czech arts magazine Umelec, as a PR intern and packer at indie labels, and as record clerk at the now-defunct Kims Video and Music. She credits her obtuse taste in music to hearing and loving, as a young one, surf and rockabilly stalwarts like Dick Dale and The Stray Cats (as well as Aerosmith) while being driven through the winding Silicon Valley foothills where she was born and raised.

Contact: julianne@covey.law