mars dietz

Mars Dietz, Operations Assistant

Mars is an artist, writer and DJ from Brooklyn. They have exhibited and shown work in Portland, OR, New York, NY and Berlin, DE at venues such as the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Vierte Welt, ABC No Rio and Kunsthaus KuLe. Lately Mars has been playing with DJing and sound work as an opportunity to carry antagonism and pleasure into social space, combining club music, noise and lecture samples in both live and pre-recorded installations. Content centers scholar Sylvia Wynter’s writings on “our present ethnoclass” and the Western colonial concept of “Man” to critique hegemonic concepts of what it means to be “human.” Their sound installation “at last, you are not discrete,” for example, examines the role of mainstream gay rights narratives of safety within larger processes of racialization, gentrification and increased policing.

Mars performs as a DJ under the name Sapphic Faggot. They have worked as a freelance writer, archivist and assistant for visual and choreographic artists in the United States and Germany since 2013. Having recently lived and worked on a temporary visa in Germany, Mars is happy to be a part of the Covey team enabling artists to do the same in the United States. Mars has a BFA in Intermedia from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and an AA in Humanities from Bard College. Their favorite color is iridescent clear.