Performing Artist Visas Overview

The first step is to contact us by email or by phone. CoveyPC staff will assign you a case manager and an “artist code”. You can use that “artist code” to access…

  1. a detailed list of all the documentation we will need from you, as well as templates for letters and testimonials
  2. forms you will need to complete providing information about the act and about the individuals
  3. guidance regarding the process of having your visa issued at your local U.S. consulate, where appropriate

Process overview: 

Getting a visa is a two part process:

First, some US entity, called the “petitioner” (or sometimes the “sponsor”) needs to file with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly the “INS”) a petition on the foreign artist’s behalf. This petition needs to prove that the artist is (a) important enough to be eligible for a special “artist visa”, and (b) that the artist has some contractual need to be in the U.S.

CoveyPC will work with the artist, their agent, label, and management, to prepare this petition. This is a big project, and we will need many documents from you, including (but not limited to ) press about the artist, testimonials about the artist, evidence of commercial or critical success, an itinerary of planned events during the requested visa duration, and evidence of contractual obligations in the U.S. If it serves the client’s purposes, CoveyPC can arrange for Tamizdat to act as the U.S. petitioner. If the client wishes some other entity to act as the petition (like, for example, the artists U.S. label, U.S. agent, or U.S. management) CoveyPC can prepare and file the petition on behalf of that “petitioner”.

Once the petition is approved Canadian artists need only enter the US with evidence of the approval and they will be issued a visa upon entry. Artists from all other countries, however, will need to have their visa issued at a U.S. consulate somewhere outside the U.S. This usually requires scheduling and completing an interview at the consulate, and a wait while the consulate processed you passport and then returns it. Once the passport is returned with the visa inside, then you are ready to travel to the US.

CoveyPC will guide clients through this “consular” process, and most clients find that our guidance is sufficient. However, in some situations (where, for example, the client has a criminal record, or when time is very very tight) we may recommend that the client engage the local assistance of an attorney or agency to help navigate the consular process.

If our staff has already assigned you an artist code and you are ready to get started please enter your code here

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