performing artist visas/getting started/fees (artist code access only)

For most cases involving a performing artist and their crews, CoveyLawPC charges a flat fee to prepare and submit a visa application (i-129). For a solo musician OR a group of musicians that fee is 1450 USD, which includes the 325 USD government filing fee, and the 250 USD “Union Consultation” fee. If you need a visa in less that 100 days, chances are you will have to pay the USCIS’s 1225 USD “Premium Processing” fee. In most cases, Tamizdat, and NY-based arts non-profit, can act as the petition (or “sponsor”). If a client wishes to designate another entity as the petitioner (like, for example, the U.S. agent, label, or management), this can easily be arrange for an additional fee of $325.

Visas for crews or backing musicians will incur significant additional costs. We require full payment in advance before submitting petitions on your behalf. Clients should also be aware that your local embassy will also charge an additional issuing fee, which is usually about 190USD per applicant. Some artists are eligible for reduced fees through our relationship with Tamizdat. Each client’s is evaluated for eligibility, and we will let you know if you qualify.